Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferable emailing services among the users for managing their emails and other communication. It is mostly being used by Windows users but can also run on both Windows and MAC operating system. Mostly person use Outlook for their personal as well as professional emails. But a time comes-up when you encounter an Error Code 0x80070002 while creating a new Outlook account.

This is a window error and it throws an error with a code 0x80070002 on the computer screen. The basic reason behind occurrence of such an error issue is when the file structure is corrupt or the directory where Outlook wants to create PST or any other file is unable to open. In this guide, you will come to know the exact fixation procedure in a handy way. Therefore, stop wandering here and there for assistance. Just have a glance on the written blog-post.

Solutions To Fix Error 0x80070002 In Microsoft Outlook

Here are couple solutions for Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80070002. Let’s start one-by-one to instantly end-up your problem: –


Solution 1: Repair Corrupt System Files of Error 0x80070002

Download and run reimage Plus to scan for corrupted files and repair them. While the methods noted below will permanently fix your issue, and this method is optional, but it is recommended because sometimes, other software and programs, or add-ins can change the file integrity which can also cause such issues.


Solution 2: Default File Location

By default, there are two locations where Microsoft Outlook may create PST file. You will need to check them manually, the default locations are:

  • \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\
  • \Documents\Outlook Files

If any of these paths are inaccessible, you will experience such an error.


Solution 3: Set up A New Outlook Account

If you were setting up a new email account on Outlook and getting such an error code, then that probably means the path it is trying to create a PST file is not accessible. You can verify this by manually locating and opening the path and trying to open it via Windows Explorer. To annihilate this, we are using the Registry Method to edit the path and force Outlook to use a different location so that the PST file can be accessible and further you won’t face any snag. Go through the provided steps:

  • First, go to “Documents” option and create a new folder named “Outlook2”
  • Now, hold down the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run box and then type “regedit” and press “OK”

Error 0x80070002

  • Doing this, Windows Registry editor will open, browse to the path “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\”
  • Now, open the folder corresponding to your version of Office
  • The path will then look like:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15(your office number\Outlook


Error 0x80070002


  • In left pane, you can see a highlighted Outlook button, place a right click in an empty area and then click “New” > “String Value”. Give the name “ForcePSTPath” to the string value

Error 0x80070002


  • Right click on the “String Value”, and click Modify. Under value data, type the complete location for the PST file you created earlier. And then click OK. Close the Registry editor window now


Error 0x80070002


  • Now, run Microsoft Outlook and re-add the account, it should work without issues
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